We are a powerhouse team whose research, analysis, marketing, and management skills put us at the top of our class. You’re seeking help crafting strategy, educating your team, building a brand, or reaching your stakeholders.   Together, we can remake your world.

How We Can Help

You are a Library or Non-Profit

Verbamundi has experience with long-term strategic planning, long and short-term budgeting, and crisis resolution. We’ll help you set a direction and get all your stakeholder’s on board.

You are a Dentist or Specialist

Whether your marketing strategy needs an update, your customer experience and systems need refining, or you need help determining the feasibility of a new service line, we can help.

You are a Thought Leader Building Your Brand

Do you need to get your ideas and your brand out there? Our branding and ghostwriting services can provide you with the content you need to share your unique viewpoint and ideas with the world.

I have worked with Deirdre Mundy nearly a decade.

From day one, she has been my number one ghostwriter, copywriter, content writer, and marketing strategist. She has an inhuman amount of knowledge across industries and an uncanny ability to research any topic. She’s helped clients get published in textbooks, online and print magazines, and blogs while also ushering several into award-winning and Amazon Bestseller titles. As someone who has worked with and hired dozens of writers over the years, Deirdre is hands down the best of the best. There are countless businesses and consultants who would not have the visibility they do without her work.

Laura Moriarity
WellPut Custom Content

Deirdre is a keeper!

From research to writing to editing to strategy, she does an outstanding job at whatever your needs might be. Capturing the tone needed while staying on time for the tasks at hand, I honestly couldn’t ask for a better person on my team. I have used her for multiple projects and know that I will be back for more. Two thumbs up!

Dr. Meghna Dassani, DMD

Deirdre Mundy has been an absolute delight to work with.

She’s brilliant, experienced, and has an amazing work ethic. She mentored me into success, and I’ve experienced first-hand her professional abilities and her kind helpfulness. Deirdre brings clarity and approachability to even highly technical and esoteric subjects–a rare skill, and one that professionals urgently need.

Rebecca Sachiko

I have worked with John Mundy for 8 years.

I first began to know him when he was named as a volunteer for an advisory board of a not-for-profit that I was employed by. Later we began to work together on several different volunteer organizations. I found he used good judgment and put the good of the organization first. He was easy to work with, energetic, full of great ideas and insights. He often had knowledge that made it easier to make decisions. He understands not-for-profits, is always willing to help, has a passion for helping in his community, and is a hard worker. John Mundy is a great person to work with!

Renate Warner