About Verbamundi Consulting

Who we are:

Verbamundi is the team that will help you reach your organizational goals, even if you aren’t entirely sure what they are yet.  Our skillset includes strategic planning, budgeting, data analysis, HR, excel reports, management, technology planning and purchasing, customer experience engineering, communication with stakeholders, and crisis intervention.   We’ll help you choose a direction for your organization, articulate a strategy, and achieve stakeholder buy-in.  Are you unsure if your organization and project are a good fit? Let’s talk, and see if our team can help you reach your goals.

Deirdre Mundy

Deirdre Mundy

MBA-Healthcare Management

Deirdre Mundy is “a consultant to the consultants.” She earned her AB in Classics from the University of Chicago, and her MBA from Western Governors University.  Mundy has over 20 years of experience in strategy consulting,  marketing, and technical writing.  She primarily works with independently-owned dental and medical practices, dental and medical consultants, corporate trainers, educational non-profits, and for-profit educational publishing firms.  Her specialties include:

  • Business and management strategies for dental and medical practices
  • Marketing and branding strategies for dental and medical consultants
  • Strategic Plan reports for non-profits and educational institutions
  • Scriptwriting for online, non-synchronous educational and training videos
  • Training manuals and assessments, especially for medical and dental fields
  • Dental and Medical CE courses and assessments
  • Online and offline courses and assessments for grades 3-12

She is a member of the American Medical Writers’ Association (AMWA).

John Mundy

John Mundy


A former public library director with over 20 years of experience in his field, John Mundy earned his AB in Classics from the University of Chicago and his MLS from Indiana University Bloomington.  He’s been active in the Indiana public library community for two decades and is a kind and patient mentor and educator.  Mundy has served on boards for Kiwanis, Purdue Extension, and the Community Foundation, and served 2 years as Lieutenant Governor for Kiwanis.  His passions include educating directors and boards, removing roadblocks so that teams can thrive, data-driven long-range planning, and deep dives into research for due diligence.   Some of his achievements and specialties include:

  • 9 years as an Indiana library director, during which time he built up a 450K surplus for the purchase of a replacement bookmobile and a new heating/cooling plant
  • Successfully shepherding a library system through COVID with 0 outbreaks while increasing participation in library programs
  • Analyzing the current banking arrangements and changing library banking structures to increase financial controls while maximizing interest earned by library accounts.
  • Educating new board members without financial experience about the budget process
  • Open door/ FOIA issues from both the organizational and public sides
  • Strategic Planning and organizing strategic planning processes
  • Negotiations with local governments
  • Organizing charitable organizations
  • Health insurance and other benefits planning
  • Communication strategies for internal and external stakeholders
  • Successfully completed the Indiana DLGF process 9 times

John Mundy understands how difficult it can be to balance the day-to-day running of an organization with long-term planning responsibilities, and he is available to help your library, educational organization, or non-profit prepare for the future. He is a member of the Indiana Library Federation(ILF), the Public Library Association(PLA), the American Library Association(ALA), and the American Society for Quality(ASQ).

Together, we are Verbamundi.

Our complimentary experiences and talents combine to give your organization top-level planning, analysis, research, training, and communication skills.  Are we a good fit for your philosophy and your needs?  Contact us and we’ll start a conversation.